In December of 1988, Dr. Mike Holloway moved he and his family from Florida to become the fourth pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Kokomo. He was raised in southern Indiana, served in the U.S. Army in the Army Security Agency, and then attended Indiana State University where he chose to pursue a career in aviation, graduating with a degree in Aerospace Technology in 1976. He entered the U.S. Navy’s Officer Candidate School and flight program, eventually being assigned to an A-7 Corsair squadron and the USS Forrestal where he accumulated over 300 carrier landings. During this time, he and his wife were attending a United Methodist Church while both were lost. His adult Sunday School teacher began loaning Baptist preaching tapes where he began to hear about prophecy and being born again. While serving as the Officer of the Day on a Naval base in Jacksonville, Florida he got saved while reading the book of Revelation. Once saved, Dr. Holloway began to see the liberalism in the Methodist denomination and informed their pastor that he and his wife were leaving the church. Unsure where they would go, Dr. Holloway was at home the following Saturday, heard a knock on the door, and met two teenagers from a local Baptist church who asked about his salvation, invited him to church, and gave him a tract. He and his wife attended the church the next day, joined three weeks later, and within the next year, was called to preach and asked to join the church staff by his pastor. Dr. Holloway served on staff for the next 5 ½ years until he was called to pastor the Temple Baptist Church in Kokomo. He has now served as pastor since 1988 and has reached a high attendance of 1,500 and has started the Antioch Baptist Missions board for independent Baptist missionaries. In 1993, Dr. Holloway began the Baptist College of America which is a correspondent Bible college whose motto is ‘Training Servants for the Master.’ BCA offers programs ranging from a one year diploma through a Ph.D. With more than 800 students from around the world, BCA has exponentially increased the impact of the ministry of the Temple Baptist Church.